World Travel Awards 2013 – Kenya Wins Award For World’s Leading Safari Destination

3 December, 2013

Kenya has won an award as the World’s leading safari destination for 2013 in the just concluded World Travel Awards. The grand finale of the awards, was held in Doha, Qatar. Kenya received the highest number of votes from travel agents worldwide, beating seven other African countries: Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

For those of us in the Africa travel industry, this is hardly surprising. The country is blessed with one of Africa’s greatest wildlife diversity, with over 50 national parks and game reserves. The tourism infrastructure is relatively well developed, and the Kenya Tourism Board has done a commendable job in marketing the country as a safari destination. No matter what type of traveler you are, backpacker or luxury traveller, there is something for you in Kenya.

Of course the other nominated countries have their many unique positive aspects, and may even outdo Kenya in some areas, but the award reaffirms Kenya’s allure as a great safari destination. Our hope is that this award will motivate the Kenya Tourism Board, and all other industry stakeholders, to work harder to improve Kenya’s product offering. As the tourism Cabinet Secretary correctly pointed out, there is need to also boost other products as sports tourism, MICE travel, and adventure travel, to complement the traditional beach and safari product.

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Quick Practical Tips and Advice for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

27 August, 2012

This is a guest post by Timothy Kirigha, our great friend and editor of an equally good travel blog about Africa- After you read through, please remember to check out our 7 days Kilimanjaro climbing package (via Machame Route) at our main business website.

The Kibo summit of Mount Kilimanjaro

(Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons)

Many online guides on Mt Kilimanjaro mention that, despite the mountain being the tallest in Africa, it is relatively easy to climb. You may find this surprising, but it is true, Kilimanjaro is a walkers’ mountain. You can trek all the way to Uhuru Peak, Kilimanjaro’s highest summit, without using any special mountaineering equipment, even if you have no previous mountain climbing experience.

But, much as it considered an easy climb, you would only underrate the challenge the mountain gives you at your own risk. I climbed the mountain once, and I know it takes a lot of mental endurance to make it to the top. You can read about my experience at my blog here.

Based on personal experience and what I have gathered elsewhere, below are some practical tips to help you enjoy your climb and increase your chances of making it to the roof of Africa.

1. Physical fitness:
You don’t have to be super fit, but it’d help if you did some aerobic exercises and endurance training for a few weeks before the actual climb. These will help you cope with some of the main challenges of climbing Kilimanjaro, such as the long treks and the thin air (as a result of the altitude). Simple exercises like steep-terrain hiking, distance cycling, and running for example, can help build your endurance and stamina for the climb.

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The Top Five Places You Must Visit and See in East Africa

20 June, 2012

Five Great East African Destinations You Should Visit At Least Once in Your Lifetime

Murchison Falls in Uganda

If you love traveling and visiting new places, Eastern Africa offers you an interesting choice of sites and places to enjoy.

Obviously, different people will have different opinions on what the “best” destinations are, but anyone with some good knowledge of East Africa will agree with me that those listed below rank among the very top.

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1. The Virunga Mountains Range
This volcanic mountain range lies on the borders of Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The jungles on the slopes of this mountain range are home to many primates and other wild animals, the most popular being the critically endangered mountain gorillas. Scientists estimate that there are fewer than 800 mountain gorillas remaining in the whole world. All of them are either found in the Virunga mountain jungle, or in the nearby Bwindi region in Uganda.

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Kenya Airways Acquires its Sixth Boeing 767

23 May, 2012

A Kenya Airways Boeing 767-300 aircraft.

[Image Source]
East Africa’s largest airline, Kenya Airways (KQ) announced today that they are set to receive a Boeing 767 aircraft from the International Leasing Financing Corporation.

This will be the sixth B767 to become part of the KQ fleet. According to a press release in their official website, the plane will be configured to have 211 economy class seats, plus 24 business class seats.

Kenya Airways has in the recent past been on an expansion spree, increasing the size of its fleet and opening new routes. Last week, the airline opened a new route to Delhi in India, its 57th global destination.

This follows hot on the heels its recent (September 2011) launch of flights from Nairobi to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.

The acquisition of the new B767 therefore comes as no surprise. It is all part of the airline’s plan to become African airline of choice, linking all African countries with the rest of the world. Already, the airline is the fastest growing in Africa.